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Read A Testimonial

Dear My Clothing Bay,

Have I got a story for you!

I was given a rainbow belt with an apple clasp by a really good friend which held a lot of sentimental value to me. I think i wore it everyday.

I went into the City and when I was on the bus coming home I realized I had lost it! It had slipped off!
Determined to find it I even jumped on the bus back into the city and retraced my steps, hours of walking through pilgrims because they were in town to see the Pope. I didn’t hold much hope but i tried anyway. I called state transit to see if my belt was left on the bus and i knocked on shops to see if anyone handed it in. I wasn’t logical, i was frantic. As if anyone would hand in a belt to a sandwich shop in the middle of the Sydney city CBD.
That was back in 2008.
I have never forgotten my beloved belt and i have searched far and wide to see if i could purchase another one. It was one of a kind, bought at a second hand retro shop in Surry Hills.
Fast forward to 2013….
I’m now living in California and was mindlessly cleaning my fish tank. It suddenly popped into my head that i should try another google for the same rainbow belt in case- you never know, right?

My belt showed up on the Clothing Bay! Not one like it, the exact one I had lost amongst the pilgrims with their orange backpacks!
I can tell because of the slight discoloration on the red glitter on the apples! And the seller happens to be around the North Shore area from where I lost it! There was 4 days left on the listing.

I don’t know if there’s a universal serendipitous word for it but that’s fricken weird!

My sister is hopefully going to pick up the belt for me in Sydney and send it over.

Clothing Bay….your site rocks on like a legend and I can’t thank you enough for getting my awesome rainbow belt back to me!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


(Name Removed for safety) – Australia

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